Shatter Batter - Wax and Shatter Liquidizer

General Questions

What is Shatter Batter?

What can I vape my infused concentrate in?

Why is there VG in the juice?

Is PG used in the Mix?

Will Shatter Batter give me the same feeling as shatter or dab?

Must I use 3ml of Shatter Batter?

How big is the bottle?

How long will a bottle last me?

What is included in the package?

Does Shatter Batter taste like Marijuana Strains?

My Shatter Batter has a harsh or burnt taste what do I do?

Will this smell up my house, microwave or area I am using Shatter Batter in?

How do I infuse my concentrate into Shatter Batter?

What flavor profiles are available?

Where will Shatter Batter Ship.