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Shatter Batter - Wax Liquidizer

Do you own or run a blog, Instagram account, Facebook account or website that has good traffic and might be able to send some traffic to us. Are you a market mover or working to become one? Are you involved in the Marijuana, MMJ, weed or vape industries?

Well why not make some money off of it. 

We will pay 10% of full purchase minus the shipping for whom ever you send over to our site that makes a purchase. Money will be paid out twice a month to everyone that has earned $25.00 us dollars. If you have not raised 25.00 dollars what you have earned moves over to the next month. 

How do you know you got a sale. Well that is easy, we have partnered with to handle the affiliate program. By using a third party there is no question about if our record keeping is good or our honesty. They provide each affiliate a very sophisticated web page and interface that lets you see the same info about your account and sales that we do. 

All you have to do is post one of our links on your page social media etc that is available on your affiility page and we and the software do the rest. If you can get your viewers to click on the link and they purchase, the software covers the tracking of the order. We take the order the rest of the way all the way until the customer receives it. We pay you twice a month once your sales have earned you $25.00.

We have found that working with social media movers, blogs, other web sites and people that have been marketing Marijuana, Dab, Vape, Shatter, 710, 420 products and helping us move Shatter Batter - Wax Liquidizer works well for both of us.  


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