Basics of kief and its use.

Basics of Kief

(yes the spelling is correct. So much for the i before e except after c rule huh.)

I was discussing Wacky Tacky with a few people new to the herbal pleasures of marijuana.

I explained how Wacky Tacky was a glue (flavored or not) used to glue your blunts shut and dried to become paper. I also explained that it worked on the outside of a blunt or cone to glue kief on. These new tokers quickly asked more about kief and it made me think perhaps with the legalization of cannabis that many people did not really understand what kief was or how it was used besides just a powder on the bottom of their grinder.

What is kief?

Kief is the sticky, tiny crystals that grow on the outside of the cannabis plant.  I have not only heard them called kief but also pollen, keef, kif and even dry sift.
It is believed that it comes from the Arabic Kayf that translates to mean pleasure or intoxication.
These kief particles are the part of the plant that has probably the largest content of terpenes and cannabinoids.  It is basically the real punch of the flower. Kief is basically one of the more potent parts of the marijuana plant explaining why it is a prized additive to everything from bong to plunts to vaporizer and herbal pens.


How can you get ahold of this magical powder kief?

Well to start with you can buy it. Most dispensaries and recreational herb shops will sell it to you for a premium but it can also be collected by saving it from your grinder. More specifically a 4 piece or 3 chamber grinder.

A four-piece grinder is composed of

  1. A lid which is the top half of a grinding chamber.
  2. A grinding chamber
  3. A collection chamber
  4. A kief catcher or chamber.

You simply put your cured and dried weed into the top grinding chamber, attach the lid and screw the top grinding lid. (Easy don’t let your mind go there.

While you twist or screw the lid a couple things happen.

  1. The buds are ground and fall into the collection chamber
  2. During the grinding process the kief is dislodge from the plant matter and falls through the collection chamber into the kief chamber.

After the flower goes into the collection chamber shaking your grinder will dislodge even more of the kief which fall through the screen into the kief chamber.

It won’t take long until you collect enough kief from shaking and grinding (again keep your mind out of the gutter) to be able to do some really kewl things.

How can you use the collected Kief?

One of the coolest things about this magic dust is you can use it in a bunch of different ways.

Wacky Tacky

    This is a new innovative product that does a few things.

    • If you use a flavored version, it flavors your blunt.
    • It can glue your blunt closed without having to have you or a friend slobber all over it. (Yuck)
    • It can glue the kief to the outside of this amazing flavored blunt you just rolled. It basically works to catch your kief.


    Edibles are a great way to discreetly consume cannabis. You can mix decarboxylated weed and kief into pretty much anything. Bakery, butter, honey, tea and even candy. Yummy.


    Pack your bong as usual, sprinkle some of the kief you have saved and sprinkle it on top of the bowl. Smoke as usual.  This has been a great way to spice up so so hits and turn them into monster rips.

    Moon Rock Blunts

    Care to get creative?

    Roll a blunt like you usually would

    Take some shatter, wax etc and place it on the outside like you would with (Wacky Tacky)

    Roll your now sticky blunt into your lovingly collected kief.


    To make a stick.

    ·         Take seedless group of nugs still attached to a stem.

    ·         Roll it in shatter, butter, wax, rosin or cannabis oil.

    ·         Sprinkle lovingly with kief.

    ·         Wrap this entire in whole marijuana leaves.

    ·         The wrap can be glued together with Wacky Tacky

    ·         Allow to dry.

    ·         Grab ahold of your socks kids smoking this is going to be a bumpy ride.

    Leave a comment and let us know of other ways to use your kief.

    Special thanks to David Dewitt from TheCozyCoffee for the image we used on this post.

    Shatter Batter and Wacky Tacky do not suggest you use Marijuana illegally instead be a voice for change and whatever you do, don’t drive high and use responsibly if it is legal in your area.





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