Las Vegas - 24 hour dispensary

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The city of Las Vegas has issued its first 24/7 dispensary license. While the city of Las Vegas has a rule in place that requires dispensary's to close from 3 am to 6 am the city council has unanimously voted to allow Oasis Cannabis to be open 24/7. While this is not the first 24/7 dispensary in Nevada it will be the first in the actual city of Las Vegas. 
If you do not know Oasis Cannabis it is right near the Stratosphere hotel, the 1100 foot tall building hosting some of the craziest thrill rides in the country. (A regular stop for the staff of Shatter Batter when we go to Las Vegas.)
Oasis cannabis is so centrally located in Las Vegas that both locals and visitors alike are known to create lines waiting for the dispensary to open at 6 am. This new 24 / 7 schedule should allow the locals that get off work late from the restaurants, gentlemans clubs, bars and casinos to be able to pick up a bit of Shatter, Wax or flower to be able relax after their shift without being forced to wait until the 6 am current opening time.
Sources tell us that these new hours should go into place in the next week or 2 so it looks like we will have to be stopping in there on our next trip.
The home of Marijuana and Shatter Batter (Colorado) might be innovators in the Marijuana industry but Nevada seems to be cutting the legislative red tape faster than we ever saw here.


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