Make nearly a $1000.00 dollars in vape cartridges for about $100.00 with Shatter Batter - Liquidizer for your Wax

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If you have ever bought a THC or CBD vape cartridge from your dispensary or rec center you have walked out paying $30.00 dollars or more for a very small vape cartridge that barely hits. These cartridges are made of a concentrate that they choose and often you have no idea how much THC or CBD is dissolved in the mix.  It seems like a very convenient way to Vape your shatter, Dab, Essential Oils or CBD. That is if the cartridges are even available. You have to run this in a small pen that creates little to no vapor and if it is flavored has horrible off flavors and bad after tastes. 

What can you do? 

The answer is pretty simple. Get Shatter Batter - Wax and Shatter Liquidizer. A  bottle of Shatter Batter is sold for between $25.00 and $30.00 US. It will liquidize up to 10 grams of your favorite shatter. Here in Colorado I can find some pretty good prices on some REALLY good shatter. 

So..... 1/10th of the bottle of Shatter Batter and 1 gram of wax will make a bit over 3 ml of vapable E-Juice that can be vaped out of almost any vape pen.  The juice is quality made at the concentration you want and with a flavor you like. You have plenty more Shatter Batter to do this again up to 9 more times. The math just works. And it works in your favor.

Even if your pricing on the Shatter is way more than what we pay in Colorado you should still be saving considerable money over standard commercial cartridges. 

The founders of Shatter Batter were insistent that a few things happened before this product ever made it to market. 

It is made of the highest quality ingredients. 

It makes an affordable product. 

Since they own a flavor house for Vape and CBD it was required that the flavors be top notch. 

It is easy to use.

It will hold a quality emulsion of the E-Juice and your fine shatter. 

Our customers save money over other equivalent alternatives. 




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  • Do you have an oil conversion chart? Or does the product come with one?

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