Nipton California - A town all about marijuana.

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Nipton California - Shatter Batter - Weed emulsifier.
While sitting around trying to decide what my blog post would be about we decided we would go after script a little and talk about Nipton California. 
What is Nipton California you might ask and what does it have to do with Shatter Batter?
Well Nipton California was recently purchased by American Green Inc, a manufacturer of cannabis products has recently purchased the entire 120 acre town of Nipton for about 5 million dollars with plans to invest approximately 2.5 million more over the next 18 months. The intention of American Green is to create a pot friendly tourist destination. 
The town currently has a school building, general store, rustic hotel and mineral baths as well as a solar power system that I am told will be expanded to supply power to this little ghost town in California. From what we can tell this will be a very eco and pot friendly destination for us aficionados of cannabis products.
We have been told that the plan is to utilize and expand the renewable energy to revitalize the town. Among other plans on the drawing board are a new facility to manaufacture CBD infused water, a production facility for edible marijuana products, retail and recreational stores and an artist in residence program.
Now that all being said the boss would be mad if I did not have something about all of our favorite liquidizer for wax. So off I go to contact American Green about putting Shatter Batter into there stores :-). Nothing better than a flavored vape of your favorite shatter, wax or oil. Its Batter up guys!  


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