Shatter Batter Speaks Out On The Safety Concerns Of PEG Polyethylene Glycol in Vaping Products.

Shatter Batter Speaks Out On The Safety Concerns Of PEG Polyethylene Glycol in Vaping Products.

As the vape related scare increases about the use of vape and vaping products a lot of misleading information is being propagated by both the conventional media, state and federal agencies and social media.

It saddens us about the epidemic that is going on with vapers getting sick. As unreasonable regulations are being put in place due to fear, we feel that products like Shatter Batter and other legitimate vape and liquefying products are being demonized and people are going to go to the black market for a product they want.

Some people feel that vaping terpenes and MCT oils are safe because they are all natural and, in some cases, inexpensive.  In both cases we disagree. MCT or medium chain triglycerides, have a much higher boiling point and the vapor particles are too large to be able to be absorbed in the pulmonary tissue of the lungs blocking the ability to absorb oxygen. This condition is called Lipoid Pneumonia. From what we have been told the only treatment is discontinuing the use of MCT oil and visiting a doctor and being put on a regiment of steroids such as, Prednisone to reduce the lung inflammation.  The vitamin E oils from MCT and coconut oils, as well as, other dillutants is adding a whole other issue in this epidemic.


Carbonyl Compounds Produced by Vaporizing Cannabis Oils using PEG as a Thinning Agent

  1. The most commonly used study referenced is one done by William Troutt who is a naturopathic “physician” . The study was published in “The Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine.” (This journal is described on Wikipedia as “It was established in 1995 and is the official journal of the Society for Acupuncture Research.”) This particular journal is on Quakwatch as a journal that is fundamentally flawed. The Journal this has been published in has an impact score of 1.3 meaning scientists quote it less than twice per year.
  2. The author of the article Carbonyl Compounds Produced by Vaporizing Cannabis Oil Thinning Agents a Mr William Troutt as stated earlier is a naturopathic “Physician”. His article has not been peer reviewed to the best of my knowledge and it has been reported that he has financial ties to the MCT industry. This in our opinion would invalidate this as an unbiased study.
  3. We take issue with the methodology of this study. Since the flashpoint of PEG is 460 degrees and Mr Troutt heated it to nearly 450 degrees which would/should never happen in the real world. In our opinion this would be like saying water is dangerously hot. It can be if boiling and probably should not be consumed at that temp. There is reasonable expectation that someone would not use PEG heated to such an outrageous temperature.
  4. Troutts study used 450 degrees for 4 seconds at a time every 30 seconds for 25 puffs in a row. This is not at all a real-world situation as a matter of fact at that temperature and not allowing a vape to rest the cotton that is inside almost every cartomzer would burn as it would be unable to wick in additional juice.

Two- Week aerosol inhalation study on Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) 3350 in f-344 rats.

The conclusion of this paper was “inhalation of aerosols of PEG 3350 at concentrations up to 1008 mg/m produced relatively little toxicity in rats, the lung was the target organ, and the no-observable-effect-level was between 109 to 567 mg/m 3”

We understand that this is not an apples to apples comparison but it does show that inhalation of PEG in a laboratory environment, does not really have health risks to mammals.

The most damming study to the idea that PEG has inherent risks to vapors.

This article was on a us government website under Nicotine & Tobacco Research. It is title Carbonyl Compounds in Electronic Cigarette Vapors: Effects of Nicotine Solvent and Battery Output Voltage.

The article was written by Leon Kosmider, PharmD, Andrzej Sobczak, PhD, Maciej Fik, PharmD, Jakub Knysak, PharmD, Marzena Zaciera, PhD, Jolanta Kurek, PhD, and Maciej Lukasz Goniewicz, PharmD, PhD. It is of note to Shatter Batter, that this is a well-respected team of PHDs . It would suggest that PEG-based e-liquids might have reduced toxicity from decomposition products. This article was written by a well-educated group of scientists in a respected US government journal.

The summary is basically out of PEG, VG and PEG that “Our study found that the amounts of formaldehyde and acetaldehyde in vapors from lower voltage tank system ECs were on average 13- and 807-fold lower than in tobacco smoke, respectively. We previously reported that levels of these toxicants in vapors from the first generation of EC were 9- and 450-fold lower than in tobacco smoke, respectively (Goniewicz et al., 2014). Schripp et al. (2013) found that the levels were 7- and 59-fold lower compared with tobacco smoke.”

It also stated that “It would suggest that PEG-based e-liquids might have reduced toxicity from decomposition products.”


We regularly hear that Terpenes are the answer because they are all natural, organic and are already in herbal concentrates. They are also very potent solvents.  In most cases terpenes should not be used much over about 2% of the total mixture. Some terpene companies are recommended up to about 20% which according to the Safety Data sheets is many times greater than is deemed safe for human consumption.  At too high of a concentration this could cause throat and lung irritability, dizziness and many more adverse effects.

Natural is great but not always good for us. Hemlock is natural but that does not make it a good alternative for anything consumed.

Shatter Batter’s products and other products using PEG are being sold around the world. Shatter Batter is being sold around the globe and it is of note that all the issues in the “Vape Epidemic” are taking place in the United States.  The entire world is watching what is going on here and are on the lookout for similar symptoms. To the best of our knowledge at this point only one case has been reported outside the US is from a young lady in Canada.

PEG has been used in liquidizing agents and vape juice, to a smaller extent for over 10 years and millions of bottles have been sold. It would seem with the information at hand that it is certainly not a product like Shatter Batter, using PEG but either an adulterated Cannabis concentrate or adulterated or bad liquefying agent.

On behalf of the staff at Shatter Batter, we would like to offer a wish of speedy recovery to those who have gotten sick and prayers going out to those who have died and their families in this horrible time. Please use a responsibly sourced products both as your liquefying agent and in the CBD/THC concentrates you choose to use.

Robert O. Wirth

Shatter Batter LLC

925 West Cucharras Street

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80905

719-215-8700 ext 101

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