What is Shatter Batter - Liquidizer For Your Wax

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I receive questions all the time asking what exactly Shatter Batter is.
Lets start with what it is not. 
Shatter Batter contains no nicotine so it is in fact not a nicotine vape juice. It has no CBD and has no THC. Unlike Colorado in many cities, states and countries THC is still illegal as is Nicotine products so we always want the customers of this awesome juice to make sure that they are using our product in accordance with their local laws. 
Now what is it. 
Shatter Batter is a revolutionary product that allows our customers to take their CBD, Herbal and essential oil concentrates dissolve them in our juice and make a vapable E-Liquid. Because it is not intended to be used with tobacco or nicotine and has no nicotine, CBD or THC it is not regulated by the European TPD or the United States FDA.
What is a wax liquidizer and is it the same as just vape juice. 
No it is not the same as ordinary vape juice. A great product is not just a fancy label on a bottle of vape juice. Ordinary vape juice will work as a wax liquidizer for a very short period of time before separating again like oil and water. A proper product is a combination of USP certified items that are all deemed safe for vaping. They are combined to give the user a product that is capable of holding an emulsification over a fairly long period of time. Now if the concentrate that is used is not clean IE has some botanicals not filtered out then there is nothing that can be done to keep it from clumping. If on the other hand the concentrate is clean (as it should be) Shatter batter will hold a suspension far longer than most peoples shatter will last.




Natural - This is our way of saying that there is no flavor. You should get the actual natural flavor of the product that you dissolve into the Shatter Batter,


Fruit Frenzy

Fruit Frenzy - Oh so yummy. A frenzy of flavors all in one product.  This is a decadent mix of Strawberries, Mangoes, Watermelons and Raspberries. 

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose - Strawberries, Watermelon and a very light cream. 

Melon Craze

Melon Craze - This a very light mix of melons. Very smooth and almost an undertone when mixed with concentrates. 

Nutty Nana

Nutty Nana - Bannana Nut Bread,. Super Super yummy. One of the best cover up flavors for harsh shatter. 



Grapesicle - A fairly strong flavor that tastes much like a grape popsicle or Grape "Knee Hi". Leaves a very nice grape after taste. 

Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade - Clean and refreshing. Makes a nice match with any of your Lemony concentrates. 
Were can you get this product. 
That is actually hard to say. We are carried in the US, the United Kingdom and Canada. That is a wide area and growing daily. Check with your local head shop, your dispensary or vape shop. If they don't carry tell them they need to and come here or E-Bay to pick up a bottle. 
Let me stress this again that we do not promote the use of illegal substance in our product. If what you adding to the product is legal were you live we ask that you use this product responsibly. 


  • Soooo glad that I can now buy on line. I HIGHLY suggest this as the best dab liquidizer on the market. Thanks for the info and the great product.

    dabboy on

  • I have tried shatter batter and vape juice to try and make my concentrates available to my vape pen. The ordinary vape juice simply seperated during our first circle. The Shatter Batter did make a great e-juice and it stayed mixed. The 2 flavors I tried were dead on what I expected with no after taste. I have used 2 other competitive products. The first one had this strange after taste and did not stay mixed. The other one was ok but had no flavoring and was $21.99 per 3 ml bottle that made a small tank of juice cost me just south of $40.00 (not doing that again.) Shatter batter is the perfect mix of flavor and quality and held the shatter in nearly a perfect mix.

    dabboy on

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