Wacky Tacky

Wacky Tacky Glue - Cigar Repair and Blunt Glue

Wacky Tacky Glue

Product Description

Wacky Tacky is a cigar repair glue, blunt glue and kief thief.
Wacky Tacky glue and sealer is meant to glue down any lifting or unraveling of cigars and glue your rolling papers shut instantly and securely. It will seal any crack, hole or lifted edge of any cigar, wrap, blunt or paper. It will even allow you to patch holes in your cigars, cigarettes or blunt wraps.

Available in 8 flavors and unflavored. 

    • Unflavored
    • Blueberry
    • Coconut
    • Green Apple
    • Pineapple
    • Grape
    • Pinacolada
    • Mango

Made from rehydrated food grade cellulose which is similar to what is used in cigar making and on many rolling papers and blunt wraps. 

Don't be that guy spitting on your papers or blunts to hold them together. Get Wacky Tacky.

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