5th Pocket 400mAh VV Preheat Thick Oil Cartridge Battery

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The 5th pocket mod is a compact design to fit in small spaces like the 5th pocket in your jeans. It's compact yet powerful because its equipped with 2 200 mah permium batter cells for a total of 400 mah. These cells provide power to your cartridge coil simultaneously to give bigger and more dense clouds without making the wall of the mod hot.

  • 10 second preheat mode to thin out your thicker cbd or Shatter Batter hash oil. Achieved by pushing the button twice. 
  • 3 temperature modes 4 volt, 3.5 volt and 3 volt. This allows you to control the amount of power to your cartomizer to help prevent the burning of your terpenes. 
  • Micro usb rechargeable from a 1 amp power source. 

Battery Capacity:  400mAh
Dual 200mAh Batteries
Variable Voltage - 3 Clicks
    Pink 3.0V 
    Blue 3.5V 
    Red 4.0V 
Preheat - 2 Clicks
5 Click on/on

In The Box
1 5th Pocket Mini Mod
1 Micro USB Charger
2 Magnetic Rings