Wacky Tacky - 5 Bottle Sample Pack. Cigar and Blunt Glue - 10 ml bottles

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Repair your Cigars, Blunts and Joints. 

Save money now by choosing 5 flavors of Wacky Tacky Cigar and Blunt glue. 

  • Repair your unraveling cigars, blunts and joints. 
  • Flavor your favorite smoke product or leave it unflavored.
  • Stop runners. 
  • Sanitary way to share Buds with your Buds. 
  • Don't Lick It. Stick It.

Wacky Tacky is a glue and sealer designed to flavor and glue any lifting, ripped or unraveled cigar or rolling papers.Make an amazing flavored/unflavored blunt. Wacky Tacky works almost instantly and when dried cures to be nearly as strong or stronger then the original paper or leaf wrapper. 

It is the perfect repair glue for all tobacco and cannabis products. 

Available in the following flavors. 

  • Unflavored
  • Blueberry
  • Coconut
  • Green Apple
  • Pineapple
  • Grape
  • Pina-Colada
  • Mango

No more having that odd friend slobbering all over your joint or blunt wrap with his/her saliva to get it to seal.  (Ewwww)

Wacky tacky is entirely safe using food grade cellulose fibers and awesome food grade blueberry flavor to create a near perfect repair to your cigar or cannabis smoke products. Wacky tack will not affect the overall way that your product smokes and will help control runners. 

We have worked with several smoke and paper companies to create a liquid version of glue used to hold tobacco leafs, the cap and blunt wraps together. There is no noticeable flavor making it the perfect glue for your cigars or joints. 

Wacky tacky is easy to glue your products shut, repair your cigarettes, cigars and papers and will easily and quickly decorartions to the outside of your blunts and wraps. Dries fast but adheres almost immediately. 

Wacky tacky is packaged in a 10 ml squeeze bottle with a fine applicator tip making it perfect to control the flow of the glue.